Proudly Producing & Promoting Australian Music since 1989

The LBS MUSIC GROUP, based in Australia's Country Music Capital - Tamworth, incorporates a network of services dedicated to the music business.

LINDSAY BUTLER STUDIOS was the initial recording studio, still run by founding partner, LINDSAY BUTLER OAM. Lindsay is a prolific PRODUCER, having produced almost 200 albums for the LBS Music Label plus over 100 albums for other major independent labels and artists.

LBS MUSIC, the largest independent family owned and operated record label in the world, has launched the careers of many of todays traditional country music stars. The label and network of associated businesses was built and run by founding partner, SHAZA LEIGH BUTLER OWB, who passionately continues to personally guide and nurture outstanding talent alongside her business commitments.

BUTLER ESTATE is the home of the family and headquarters for their company.

LBS Music Group Partners: Lindsay Butler OAM & Shaza Leigh Butler OWB | Associate Partners: Lachlan Butler & Peggy Gilchrist